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Bringing joy to the people who are watching that's what the sport of Flying Circus is all about

—Aoi Kagami

Aoi Kagami

Aoi Kagami


Kanji 各務 葵
Romaji Kagami Aoi
Gender Female
Age 20s
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Purple
School Kunahama Academy
Occupation Teacher
Professional Skywalker (retired,active in the visual novel)
Flying Circus Profile
Position Second, Coach
Personal Status
Status Active
Voice actor/actress
Japanese Megumi Ogata
English Rachel Robinson
Media Debut
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1

Aoi Kagami (各務 葵 Kagami Aoi?) is a supporting character in the Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm series. She is Masaya Hinata's homeroom teacher, a retired well-known player and the counselor of the Kunahama FC club.


Aoi is young woman in her late 20s who has a youthful appearance with short, straight purple hair and green, sharp eyes.

She is seen wearing a black shirt with a purple skull playing the guitar, black shorts with a white belt and a white lab rock. She also wears black knee-high stockings and black shoes.

In her Flying Suit, Aoi wears a suit that covers her entire body expect her shoulders. The suite is red but it is black at various areas; on the collar, on her chest, stomach and legs. She also wears Red gloves and red/black competitive Grav Shoes.

In the visual novel, when Masaya Hinata was still active, she had a long hair that reached until her hips.


Aoi is described to be a strict and terrifying teacher, but her ''cool'' attitude is exactly why others hold her in high regard. She is also very kind and caring, and she acts as a guide for Masaya Hinata and the girls when they face their challenges, and she gives them all the support they need to overcome them.


Aoi used to be a sky walker prior to the beginning of the story, and it’s made very clear that she stood at the top of the FC world, but she quit and became a teacher. She doesn’t actively participate in the club’s FC training since Masaya Hinata's the Coach, but she’s still around to give them advice when they need help.

In the visual novel, Aoi quit FC because Masaya did. She felt guilty that she was not able to figure out or help Masaya in his trauma.


Aoi is first seen when Masaya Hinata, Asuka Kurashina and Misaki Tobisawa are running towards the school, when they have made it Aoi asks if Asuka want to come along, to the teacher office.


  • In the visual novel, Aoi is the only person who can sustain Angelic Halo for 2 minutes straight as shown and mentioned in Asuka Kurashina's route.
  • In the visual novel, during Asuka's route, the other Kunahama FC club members commented that Aoi is faster than Saki Inui despite being an All-Rounder and her not wearing an FC suit.
  • In the visual novel, during Asuka's route, despite being inactive for as long as Masaya Hinata (couple of years), she did not forget all of her special moves, and she was able to perfectly execute them during her match with Asuka.


Masaya Hinata

Aoi is not only Masaya’s homeroom teacher, but she is also the person who took him in as her pupil and taught him to fly. Despite being a teacher, she calls him by his first name. She is also a person Masaya can't handle very well, but they still have a close bond, and Aoi has known him since elementary school. She even taught him her special moves in FC, Blaster Roll and Sonic Boost.

In the visual novel, Masaya confessed that she loved Aoi when he was a kid.

In the visual novel, during any of the heroines' route, Aoi gives Masaya advice on coaching, how to treat the Kunahama FC club members, and more.

Kazunari Shindo

Shindo really admired Aoi because she was a famous Flying Circus player.


Aoi cares for her students that she will help and support them, but she also watches over the other club members with severe affection and helps them train for the fall tournament.


  • The name Aoi means "hollyhock, althea" (葵).
  • Aoi's surname Kagami means "each" (各) (kaga) and "duty" (務) (mi).


  • Aoi is a health and P.E teacher.
  • According to Masaya Hinata, anyone who's late for Aoi's class will be in for ''suffering''.
    • That suffering is that she will expose their dark secrets, which she collects via her intelligence web.
  • Aoi used to be a famous Flying Circus player.
  • In the visual novel, Aoi mastered a move called Angelic Halo to prevent opponents from escaping her.
    • She can use it continuously for 2 minutes, while Kazunari Shindo can do it for 2 seconds.
    • It is a technique generally used for the last minutes of the match when the user has higher points to prevent the opponent from further accumulating points. It also requires great stamina to use.
    • Aoi used it once on opponent that made her opponent quit FC forever. She stopped using Angelic Halo as it did not fit her criteria of a "fun FC".
    • After Aoi used Angelic Halo, she was a target of criticism as it was considered unsportsmanlike.
    • Aoi used this technique on Asuka Kurashina during Asuka's route in their practice session to prepare Asuka against Saki for the fall tournament.
  • In the visual novel, during Asuka's route, Aoi returned to FC, because Masaya did.



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