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Eveyone who is cheering for my daughter gets free udon

—Botan Arisaka

Boton Arisaka
Kanji 有坂 牡丹
Romaji Arisaka Botan
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Light Gray
Hobbies Cooking
Residence Four Islands Archipelago
Occupation Mashiro Udon
Flying Circus Profile
Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Mashiro Arisaka (Daughter)


Voice actor/actress
Japanese Hitomi Nabatame (PSV game, anime, as Emi Yamato in the PC game)
English Marissa Lenti
Media Debut
Anime Episode 1

Botan Arisaka (有坂 牡丹 Arisaka Botan?) is a female supporting character of Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm. She is the mother of Mashiro Arisaka.


Botan has light gray hair that she always has under a white head cap and purple eyes.

Underneath the white apron she has a small green dress with black short pants.


Botan is most of the time happy. When people cheer for her daughter, she is overjoyed and then gives them a free udon.


Botan was in the shop when Mashiro Arisaka suggested to eat udon, they went over to Mashiro's shop to eat udon.

A few weeks later when Rika Ichinose and Mashiro came to eat udon, she is really when she saw that someone is helping Mashiro. The day after the whole FC came to eat udon. But when Asuka is looking at the wall she saw flying fishes and ask why they are putting a picture from it. Botan said that udon is mostly made of flying fishes. When Asuka heard that she was in shock.

When the tournament begun the FC club has heard that Mashiro udon while be having a stand here, when Mashiro was finishing having her match that she loses her mother stille clapped for her that is was a great match.

At the fall tournament Botan was cheering for her daughter and when Mashiro won the FC went to eat udon, and when Mashiro said it was delicious Botan was overjoyed. Then later other people came so she prepared to make more for them.

At the finals Botan was watching the match and was shocked when she saw that light ball in the air.


Mashiro Arisaka

Mashiro is Botan's daughter who have a good relationship. Mashiro loves her mother very much and they share a loving parent-child relationship. Botan likes to tease her daughter.

Misaki Tobisawa

Misaki is a regular customer at her shop. Botan is also thankful for watching over Mashiro. In the visual novel, Botan made small portions of udon for Misaki to help her like udon since she hated it.

Masaya Hinata

In the visual novel, during Mashiro's route, Masaya and Mashiro becomes a couple. Botan is fond of Masaya and convinced him to work at Mashiro Udon.


  • The name Botan means "peony" (牡丹).
  • Botan's surname Arisaka means "exist" (有) (ari) and "slope" (坂) (saka).


  • Botan is the owner of Mashiro Udon.



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