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Episode 10- Is That For FC, Too?
Kanji それもFCのためですか?
OP Contrail ~Kiseki~
ED A-gain
Air Date 03-15-16
Next Episode Episode 11 - I Refuse to Lose!
Previous Episode Episode 9 - The Answer Is Up in the Sky!
Is That For FC, Too? is the 10th episode of the Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm anime series. It aired on March 15th, 2016.


The FC team train harder than ever. Meanwhile, Saki is sparring with the top players in Europe. The next day, while the FC team is doing their stretches, Satoin and Rika appears, Asuka reveals she invited them to train together to beat Saki. During training, they are able to play 3 on 1. Misaki takes a detour on her way home, and comes to the Shindo family house. Misaki requests that he train with them. The next day, Misaki tries desperately to beat Shindo, and keeps coming at him. However, Masaya suddenly swoops in, he then challenges Asuka to a dogfight.


Characters in Order of Appearance

Major Events

  • Coach Masaya starts flying with Competition Grav Shoes to train Asuka.
    • It was also the first time we saw Masaya with Competition Grav Shoes flying.
  • Aoi Kagami agrees to teach them her version of FC.

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