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Episode 1 - I'm Flying! I'm Actually Flying!


Kanji 私がフライングよ!私は実際に飛びました!
OP Not Applicable
ED Contrail ~Kiseki~
Air Date 01-12-16
Next Episode Episode 2 - Udon...?
I'm Flying! I'm Actually Flying! is the 1st episode of the Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm anime series. It aired on January 12th, 2016.


A girl named Asuka Kurashina has just moved to the Four Islands Archipelago, a place where people can use Grav Shoes, to fly. On her way to school, Asuka meets Misaki Tobisawa and Masaya Hinata, who help her get to school. Once at school, Masaya and Misaki are asked to teach Asuka how to use her Grav-Shoes. As they fly to school next day, they see Shion Aoyagi, after being defeated by Reiko Satoin. Asuka decides to take on Reiko. Reiko decides that Asuka only needs to score once to win. At first, Asuka is completely dominated, but in the last moment she pulls off an Air Kick Turn.


A girl named Asuka moves to Kuna Island. When she was daydreaming she fell and dropped her keys. Then a young boy named Masaya Hinata ran by, but then he saw Asuka searching for her keys and assisted her. Soon after, they hear a voice from the sky, and there was a girl who was flying named Misaki. While Asuka was in shock because she saw Misaki flying, especially since she had always wanted to fly as a child, like her favorite animal, the flying fish. Misaki and Masaya where in shock too when they heard Asuka didn't know how to use the Grav Shoes, so Misaki helped Asuka go to school and running there quickly, trying not being too late, otherwise there would be punishment.

Homeroom soon got started with their teacher Aoi Kagami, who tells Misaki and Masaya to be Asuka's instructor. When the class ends, Misaki is like a whole other person, especially since earlier she was half-asleep. Madoka explains that the morning Misaki and the afternoon Misaki are different. Then a first year girl named Mashiro Arisaka appears. Mashiro then claims that she wants to be exactly like "Misaki-senpai." Later outside they taught Asuka how to fly, when she began to fall down, luckily the Grav-Shoes have a safe landing program that helps her land safely. With the Grav-Shoes training over they went to Mashiro Udon for some udon.

Later that night, they went home but saw 2 people playing Flying Circus. The challenger Shion Aoyagi lost to Reiko Satoin. Asuka saw that and went over to challenge Satoin, without even knowing what Flying Circus is. Misaki explains what you must do during the Flying Circus and becomes her second. Satoin then states that if Asuka gains a point on her, she immediately wins the match. Then the match begins, Satoin gaining numerous points because Asuka can't properly fly.

Then Masaya came by and Misaki let him be her second. He then tells Asuka what to do, and the competition becomes smoother, but not perfect because the score was 20 - 0 for Satouin. Then Asuka was about to get a point but Satoin didn't let her. Satoin prevents Asuka from scoring and she falls towards the sea. She then thinks about when she was younger and did a move that is really difficult to do, the Air Kick Turn! With everyone that, the surprised Asuka wins the match with Satoin 20 - Asuka 1.

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