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Episode 2 - Udon...?
Kanji う...ど...ん...?
OP Contrail ~Kiseki~
ED A-gain
Air Date 01-18-16
Next Episode Episode 3 - I Just Got a Little Fired Up
Previous Episode Episode 1 - I'm Flying! I'm Actually Flying!
Udon...? is the 2nd episode of the second series of the Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm anime series. It aired on January 19th, 2016.


After the match Shion begs Asuka and the others to join the Kunahama's Flying Circus team. Asuka agrees almost immediately, but Masaya refuses. Misaki and Mashiro, who have decided to join. Aoi watches them while trying to encourage Masaya to join the team as well. The next day the girls to buy competition Grav Shoes and flying suits. Afterwards, Misaki and Asuka have a practice match and Asuka's determination inspires Masaya to join the club as coach.


When Asuka wins the match with Satoin 20 Satouin - Asuka 1. Now the Kunahama Institute's "in" is protected. Shion is overjoyed that he asked if they could join the FC club, but everyone ran away.

The next day, they are in their class. Madoka then suggested that they join the FC club and then she asked Masaya but he isn't interesed. At the break Madoka asked one more time if they wanted to join but Misaki is hesitating, but eventually she joined.

Misaki, Asuka and Mashiro going to do the FC club they see the captain, and then the 3 joined the FC club. Starting with practice, Asuka and Mashiro aren't doing that well, but Misaki plays like an experienced player at FC. From the side Aoi and Masaya watching, Aoi suggests that Masaya should go help them, but he rejected it.

The next day they went and bought grav-shoes and Flying Suits. When they are at the store a little girl suggested different types for the girls. Misaki: Fighter, Asuka: All-rounder and Mashiro: Fighter (Because she wanted to be like Misaki). When they purchased their merchandise and exited the store, they realized that the Flying Suits will take a couple of days.

The next day Misaki suggested a match vs Asuka. When they started, Asuka is not doing so well, but then Masaya stepped in and helped her. With Misaki getting her points, Asuka tried to do another Air Kick Turn, but failed. The game then finished with Misaki 9 - Asuka 0. Asuka is frustated that she didn't get at least 1 point, but she is willing to try even harder. Not long after, Aoi gets a call of Takafuji Academy that asks her if the Kunahama Academy FC club would join their training camp.

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