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Episode 3 - I Just Got a Little Fired Up
Kanji ちょっと燃えてきただけ
OP Contrail ~Kiseki~
ED A-gain
Air Date 01-25-16
Next Episode Episode 4 - Meat Makes Me Happy!
Previous Episode Episode 2 - Udon...?
I Just Got a Little Fired Up is the 3rd episode of the second series of the Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm anime series. It aired on January 25th, 2016.</p>


Aoi calls the Flying Circus Team to arrange a training camp during spring break. During the last day of the camp, Satoin arranges some practice matches. Asuka is up against Rika Ichinose. Mashiro plays Reiko but is completely defeated. Shindo and Misaki are the last match and Kazunari immediately scores off the first buoy. Angered, Misaki chases after him. Misaki follows Masaya's orders and manages to score a point when they turn the corner. However, Kazunari still wins the match.


When they are at Takafuji Academy they see a lot of FC players, when they are finished getting ready Satoin is training them to do something.

When the girls are bathing and talking about Satoin she walked in and "helped" them. That night you see Masaya looking to what they did and then A boy walked by. Ask him what he is doing and tells what his dream is.

When they are eating, the matched formed. The next day you see who is against who Rika is against Asuka, and Satoin is against Mashiro and Shindo is against Misaki they wanted the strongest member to fight against Shindo but Madoka says that Her brother stomach hurts so he can't play. Then Shindo came in and he dissapointed that he isn't playing against Asuka.

Then the matched started Asuka vs Rika is first. Rika is starting good, but is Asuka is improving since the last match, then Rika pulled a move to confuse Asuka Scissors, then Asuka pulled of a Air Kick Turn against Rika and the match finished with Rika 6 - Asuka 1. Then the match started to begin what Mashiro is scared is against Satoin. the match finished Satoin 20 - Mashiro 0.

Then the last match begins Misaki vs Shindo . The students are really shocked when they see that Shindo is that great, but Misaki is really trying her best but can't hit him, then Masaya wants to advise her, but he refuse. Then Mashiro suggested a udon buffet. Of Course Misaki will not say no to this and agrees, after that Masaya advised Misaki with Misaki is getting 1 point. But Rika, Shindo and Satoin are shocked when they see Misaki is getting a point against the captain. The match finished with Shindo 4 - Misaki 1.

When they return home, they learned a lot but they want to try harder because Misaki want so beat Shindo, and Asuka wants to be better.

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