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Episode 7 - Sting Before You're Stung!
Kanji 刺される前に刺せ!
OP Contrail ~Kiseki~
ED A-gain
Air Date 2-23-16
Next Episode Episode 8 - I... Can't Fly Anymore
Previous Episode Episode 6 - Is That All You've Got?
Sting Before You're Stung! is the 7th episode of the Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm anime series. It aired on February 23th, 2016.


Saki has won against Mayu Ganeko from Shitou Suisan. Sindo and Saki are up against in the final. Kazunari is confident but Saki start to dominate the match. Everyone is shocked at the King of Kings losing. Afterwards Madoka takes over as the new captain of the club in her brother's place. The next day, Misaki bumps into Kazunari at the bus stop. Kazunari explains that fear of losing means you're enjoying the sport. Shocked by his words, Misaki sits at the bus stop, deep in thought.


Character in Order of Appearance

Major Events

  • Saki wins the finals.
  • Misaki leaves the FC club.
  • Shion retired from being club captain and Madoka becomes the new club captain.

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