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Episode 9 - The Answer is up in the Sky


Kanji 回答は、スカイにアップしています
OP Contrail: Kiseki
ED A-gain
Air Date 3-08-16
Next Episode Episode 10 - Is That For FC, Too?
Previous Episode Episode 8 - I... Can't Fly Anymore
The Answer is up in the Sky is the 9th episode of the Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm anime series. It aired on March 8th, 2016.


Misaki and the others are worried about Asuka who hasn't gone to school. During the FC training, Asuka is having a hard time to execute moves. One night Misaki finds Asuka standing outside her house. Misaki invites her to stay the night. The next day, Asuka challenges Misaki to a match. If Asuka wins, Misaki will have to rejoin the FC team. The girls begin the match, with Asuka getting the first point. Misaki turns the tide with 2 points. The match ended with a victory for Misaki. After the match, Misaki decides to rejoin the team.


Characters in Order of Appearance

Major Events

  • Misaki is returing to the FC club.

Image Gallery


  • it was revealed that Asuka and Masaya have played with each other since they where young.
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