Flying Circus Course

Flying Circus Course


Flying Circus is a new aerial sport is that is quickly rising in popularity. Utlizing Grav-shoes and personal flying suits, competitors battle it out within a large aerial boundary, where they compete over who can obtain the most points within a certain time limit.

Flying Circus (Battle)


  • First of all, you have to equip a Flying circus suit and Grav-shoes.


  • The matches (battles) are played one-on-one, with tagging a buoy before your opponent does each being worth one point.
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  • Engage in dogfighting (see below).


  • After the match time has expired, the player with more points wins!


  • If both players have the same amount of points, an extra 5 minutes is given.

When the player takes a shortcut

Flying Circus Keywords

Sky walker

  • Refers to all Flying Circus players. Sky walkers are further separated into All-rounders, fighters and speeders based on their flying style.


  • A Second acts as an partner to the player by using a headset which gives instructions and advice during the match. Normal sports are played on a flat field, but since Flying Circus is carried out in a three-dimensional space, it is common to lose sight of your opponent who could be anywhere around you. As such, a Second's most fundamental task is to give directions so the player does not lose sight of their opponent.


  • A balanced class between Fighters and Speeders.

Having no particular weak areas, they are characterized by their ability to adapt to the current situation


  • Players who specialize in dogfighting.

They are adept at making agile movements at close range, they aim to gain points through tagging the opponent's back. They can reach top speeds immediately from the start, but in regards to their total speed they fall behind Speeders.


  • Speeders specializes in high speed movement.

They try to avoid dogfighting while attempting to gain points through tagging buoys. They are poor at changing directions quickly. While their initial speed increases gradually at first, they eventually reach very high top speeds.

Flying Suit

  • A fight-specialized suit made for Flying Circus. In the unlikely case of suit malfunction, the sleeves are engineered to convert into personal flotation devices.


  • Dogfighting consists of opponent's scrambling touch one another on the back through close-quarters combat during match. It is one of the greatest ways in Flying Circus to display ones skill. When the player makes contact, both sides are repelled off one another, which is accomplished through anti-gravity ability built within the Grav-shoes. The way in which a player utilizes this repulsion technique can greatly affect the outcome of a match, often times given them a slight advantage depending on how it plays out.

Known Players

Kunahama Academy FC

Kunahama Academy's FC team consists of:

Takafuji Academy FC

Takafuji Academy's FC team consists of:

Kairyou Academy FC

Kairyou Academy's FC team consists of:

Shitou Suisan FC

Shitou Suisan's FC team consists of:

Dougaura Kougyou Academy FC

Dougaura Kougyou Academy's FC team consists of:


Special Moves

Main Article: Special Moves

A few special moves are featured in the anime.