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Fukumen Sensyu
Kanji 覆面選手
Romaji Fukumen sensyu
Gender Unknown
Flying Circus Profile
Personal Status
Status Unkown
Voice actor/actress
Media Debut

Fukumen Sensyu ( 覆面選手 lit. Mysterious Masked Skywalker?) is a character who only appears in the visual novel.


As the Masked Skywalker, their back suit covers up most of their skin while wearing a white mask. The suit covers the entire body except the shoulders and belly button. They also wear black gloves.


The Masked Skywalker has a very out going personality.


  • It is revealed in Misaki's route that the Masked Skywalker's true identity is actually Minamo Shirase'. While this fact wasn't explicitly revealed, it had been hinted several times:
    • Without the voice modulator, they sound exactly like Minamo.
    • They accidentally called Hayato Shirase, "big brother".
    • Shion Aoyagi outright calls the Masked Skywalker, Minamo, which they respond in embarrassment.
    • Misaki Tobisawa at one point called Minamo, "Mask".
    • In the anime, Minamo can be seen holding their mask.



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