Anti-Graviton Shoes, or Grav Shoes for short, are anti-gravitational force emitting shoes that enable those who wear them to fly freely in the sky. They have become a staple in society and pioneered a sport on their own, Flying Circus.

Types of Shoes



Commoner Grav Shoes are used in normal everyday life. Their designs aren't that much different from regular shoes, except for the added functionality of flight installed into the soles or heels of the shoe.


Competitive Grav Shoes are specially designed for play in the sport Flying Circus. Their appearances are very individualized compared to the Commoner Grav Shoes. There are three types of Grav Shoes that exist to match the playing style of the Skywalker.

Competitive Brand Grav Shoes

Mizuki Series

  • These are competitive grav shoes specifically made for all-rounders
  • Known user(s) or wearer(s):

Invade Series

  • These are competitive grav shoes specifically made for fighters
  • Known user(s) or wearer(s):

Small Grove Series

  • These are competitive grav shoes specifically made for speeders
  • Known user(s) or wearer(s):

Avalon Series

  • These are competitive grav shoes specifically made for speeders
  • Know user(s) or wearer(s):
  • Agravain
    • Phase 1: Normal configurations
    • Phase 2: Modify balancers to drastically improve handling, speed, and acceleration



Many decades ago, mankind discovered a particle that could nullify the gravitational pull of the earth, prompting the development of a device that could reverse gravity. This has progressed to the point where a person can fly freely through the sky by wearing shoes that defy gravity. This reverse-gravity equipment, known as anti-graviton shoes (Grav-shoes) have become prevalent on the islands, resulting in a rise of popularity. As the Grav-shoes spread on the island where the main characters live, utilities such as take-off stations and guided streetlights started appearing in order to regulate flying. “No-fly zones” were established, and flying through the skies eventually became a natural phenomenon. To this day, reverse-gravity equipment hasn’t reached the peak of its success yet, meaning the future has endless possibilities ahead of it.

Technical Specifications

  • The Grav shoes have a weight limit of 300kg.


  • The Small Grove brand name their shoes to cat breeds (Siamese and Maine Coon)
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