See also: Flying Circus.

Grav Shoes, short for Anti-Gravity Shoes are shoes that can people wearing it fly.



Many decades ago, mankind discovered a particle that could nullify the gravitational pull of the earth, prompting the development of a device that could reverse gravity. This has progressed to the point where a person can fly freely through the sky by wearing shoes that defy gravity. This reverse-gravity equipment, known as anti-graviton shoes (Grav-shoes) have become prevalent on the islands, resulting in a rise of popularity. As the Grav-shoes spread on the island where the main characters live, utilities such as take-off stations and guided streetlights started appearing in order to regulate flying. “No-fly zones” were established, and flying through the skies eventually became a natural phenomenon. To this day, reverse-gravity equipment hasn’t reached the peak of its success yet, meaning the future has endless possibilities ahead of it.

Anti-gravity shoes

Anti-gravitational force (anti-graviton) emitting shoes. By wearing them, one can be enveloped by an anti-gravitational field and fly freely in the sky. They are generally referred as Grav-shoes.

① General Grav-shoes

General Grav-shoe is the type of Grav-shoes used in normal day-to-day life. Their design is not much different from regular shoes, where the gravity functionality (aka: the ability to fly) is installed in the sole or heel portion of the shoe.

② Competitive Grav-shoe

The type of Grav-shoes in Flying Circus matches. Developed specifically for flying, their appearance is also more individualized compared to general Grav-shoes. Three types exist; a speeder type, a all-rounder type and a fighter type.