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Hayato Shirase



Kanji 白瀬 隼人
Romaji Shirase Hayato
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Residence Four Islands Archipelago
Occupation Grav-Shoes Shop
Flying Circus Profile
Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Minamo Shirase (Little Sister)
Voice actor/actress
Japanese Takahiro Mizushima (PSV game, anime, as Uta Kijima in the PC game)
English Oscar Contreras
Media Debut
Anime Episode 2 - Udon...?

Hayato Shirase (白瀬 隼人 Shirase Hayato?) is a supporting character of the Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm series. He is the owner of a Grav Shoes store and the brother of Minamo Shirase


Hayato takes a form of a older man with short, brown hair and small blue eyes. He also always wear his work clothes.


Hayato is always happy, but when he was talking about the Grav Shoes from Avalon he sound really serious.


Madoka, Asuka, Misaki and Mashiro where walking in the store of Hayato, He is askong what they are doing Madoka said that they were looking for Flying Suit en Grav Shoes. Hayato helped them looking for their stuff.

When the Summer Tournament ended Hayato and his sister, went together with the FC club to the beach. For a way to celebrat how great they did at the Summer Tournament but Misaki wasn't there.

At the Fall tournament Hayato warned Aoi, said that there was something wrong with those Avalon shoes, when Saki releashed her balancer he was shocked that Avalon already developed such technologie. The last 10 minutes Shindo came and they argued about that Asuka has still something in her sleef, and that they can't wait or the over-time.


Minamo Shirase

Minamo is his little sister. Hayato really cares about his little sister and is also worried why she is so shy.

Madoka Aoyagi

Madoka is a regular customer at his shop. It seems that Madoka and Hayato knows each for a while know because Madoka walked in the store, they know each other by their name.


  • He is the owner of a Grav Shoes shop.
  • He is the only male in the series that isn't playing FC.



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