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It's time to show our beautiful FC.

—Irina Avalon

Irina Avalon



Kanji イリーナ・アヴァロン
Romaji Irīna Avaron
Gender Female
Age 16-17
Eye Color Aqua
Hair Color Lime
Residence Four Islands Archipelago
School Kairyou Academy
Occupation High School Student (second year)
Flying Circus Profile
Sky Walker Second
Personal Status
Status Active
Voice actor/actress
Japanese Kaori Mizuhashi (PSV game, anime, as Yūko Nōmi in the PC game)
English Alexis Tipton
Media Debut
Anime Episode 5

Irina Avalon (イリーナ・アヴァロン Irīna Avaron?) is a female supporting character of Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm. She is the daughter of the famous Grav Shoes maker Avalon.


Irina takes the form of a teenage girl with short, platinum hair and big green eyes. She also wears her required school uniform. When she is not wearing her school uniform, then she is wearing a litle white dress with black frills.


Irina shows a calm demeanor most of the time, and is almost never seen to get excited. She is very confident, and often comes off as arrogant because of the way she looks down on the other FC players. Irina is very determined to get Saki to win, and trains her very hard.


Nothing much is know about here, but it was said in the anime that she was living in England and begun playing FC because Saki and Irina admired Aoi Kagami.


Irina was participating with Saki in the Summer tournament it was her first tournament in Japan. Later the match versus Shion she walked towards Masaya and asked if they wanted to be gentle against Saki because it was her first match. When the match was finished Masaya asked what for Grav Shoes those where and Irina said that are the grav shoes that her father made (Avalon).

The next day Saki was against Mayu, and Saki won and advenced to the finals. Later Irina walked towards Aoi Kagami and said that she admired her for a long time and asked i she want to come and watch the finals, because they has something special to let her see. At the finals Shindo vs Saki, Saki has won.

A few days later Saki and Irina came to Kunahama Academy to battle against Aoi, but Aoi didn't wanted to battle against him, so Asuka wanted to battle against them. So the match begun but Asuka couldn't do anything against Saki so she lost and fell in the water. Few weeks later Saki and Irina a chilling on a terrace talking to each other about the past. So the next day Saki is battleing against some europe players. and a few hours later Saki is practicing alone, Irina said that it is almost complete the 'perfect' FC that she and Saki created.

So at the Fall tournament Saki and Irina advenced to the semi-finals, when the day ended they go home with a helicopter, but going with a helicopter was taking attention so alot of people where watching, when they go inside Saki and Irina saw Asuka and the rest of them and said they should rest beforce they are going to face against Saki.

The next day Saki was up against Misaki, but Irina noticed something wrong, Saki was not listining to Irina and was moving on her own which made Irina really mad and said that isn't needed in there perfect FC. After the match ended and Saki won, Irina said that she has never tasted such a digracefull win.

Later Saki was up against Asuka in the finals, Irina said against Saki that she doesn't want to have such a disgracefull win again and that she must destroy her opponent in "style". But Asuka is doing better than they thought so Irina orderd Saki to release her balancer and use the move green sleeves. But then referee whistle on his flute they are taking a little break and after the break they go over to the overtime. The break was over and they continued the match, Irina thought that Asuka doesn't have any energy more to fly but she was wrong. Later in the match Saki again flying on her own but Irina wasn't mad at all she said that she ahs never saw Saki like this. Later Irina was patched by the ball of light that Saki and ASuka made in the air.

When the match ended she aapologize against Aoi and Masaya, and said that she only wanted to be praised from Aoi who is admired. But Aoi said that said that she doesn't have to feel so bad. Later Masaya asked if Irina had fun and she said that she has fun but still is frustated that she hasn't won.


Saki Inui

Irina and Saki are always together, and she is Saki second. They were also seen to be friends with one another. Saki and Irina known each other when thay are little kids. Irina and Saki are great friends.

Aoi Kagami

It was said in the anime, that Saki and she had begun playing FC because of her. Later, it was revealed that Saki and Irina were inspired by Aoi's "beautiful" Angelic Halo. It was also said in the anime that did all those things to get praised, because she always admired Aoi for her beautifull FC. Later she understood that she was wrong and apologises for what she has done.

Masaya Hinata

In the visual novel, during Asuka's route, Irina tried to recruit Masaya and make him come back to FC, by digging up his past and calling him a coward for running away from FC, but failed when Asuka confronted her.


  • She is the daughter from the famous grav-shoes maker Avalon.
  • Saki and Irina known each other since they where little kids.
  • In the visual novel, Saki and Irina worked on a lot of FC theories since their childhood to attain their "True FC"
    • Saki and Irina

      Saki and Irina working on FC theories



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