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How can she act like she's having fun in serious competition?!

—Kasumi Kurobuchi against Asuka

Kasumi Kurobuchi



Kanji 黒渕 霞
Romaji Kurobuchi Kasumi
Gender Female
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Residence Four Islands Archipelago
School Dougaura High school
Occupation High School Student (second year)
Flying Circus Profile
Sky Walker Flying_Circus#All-rounder All-rounder?
Personal Status
Status Active
Voice actor/actress
Japanese Yuki Kaida (PSV game, anime, as Kanami Fukashiro in the PC game)
Media Debut
Anime Episode 6 - Is That All You've Got?

Kasumi Kurobuchi (黒渕 霞 Kurobuchi Kasumi?) is a supporting character of the Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm series. She was Asuka Kurashina's opponent in the second round of the Summer Tournament. She is one of the relevant characters in "Rika Route" of the Aokana Visual Novel.


Kasumi has a long black hair, and is usually seen in her dark uniform. She has a scary temperament and aura. Her limbs are unusually long.

In her Flying Suit, Kasumi wears a suit that covers her entire body expect her shoulders. The suite is black but it is red/pink at various areas; on the collar, on her chest, stomach and legs. She also wears Black gloves and Black competitive grav-shoes.


She likes to play unfair, and will do everything to provoke her opponent. It was shown how cruel she is, as she would use a pincer attack on her opponents, forcing them to experience concussions. It was later revealed in the visual novel that Kasumi had a sweet and cheerful personality back when she was a child. Her personality twisted after founding out that Rika was better at her in FC, and how her coach influenced her dirty playstyle.


Kasumi appears in the second round of the summer FC tournament against Asuka Kurashina. The match was already started and it was a tie, so it was overtime, but when Kasumi want to get the buoy, Asuka came from behind and touched her back. Asuka won the match with 6-8. But Kasumi don't understand how Asuka can enjoy Flying Circus.

At the last episode you see Kasumi clapping for the awesome final match Saki Inui vs Asuka Kurashina.

Common Route:

In the visual novel, Kasumi was first seen during the summer tournament in the common route. For all of her matches, she was warned for unsportsmanlike conduct (attacking her opponent before them even reaching the first buoy). When it was finally her turn to play against Saki, she was disqualified before she can even attempt to attack Saki.

Rika's Route:

During a joint FC training session between Takafuji and Kunahama, Rika was supposed to meet up with Masaya and the rest of the Kunahama FC club, but she was running late. Rika then called Masaya and informed him that it was an emergency and that they have to go Takafuji's beach area. When Masaya and the rest of the FC club got there, 8 Takafuji students suffered from concussions, with Reiko attaining mild injuries. According to Reiko, Kasumi politely went and begged them for a sparring, so they couldn't refuse her. When a Takafuji student finally decided to play with her, that Takafuji student ended up with a concussion. Kasumi profusely apologized, and Reiko didn't think of anything else about the event and thought that it was an accident. Kasumi then played with student after student giving them each a concussion. After Reiko noticed that it was intentional, she challenged Kasumi to an FC duel, but lost.

During another joint training sessions between the two schools, Kasumi came back to Takafuji to cause another scene, despite having been warned by the school about her actions. This time, Asuka decided to play with her, as she proclaimed that she won't leave unless she gets at least one FC game. Masaya reluctantly allowed Asuka to play against her, because he thought that this is a good opportunity for Asuka to learn. The match was on Asuka's favor, but she was caught of guard by a pincer attack from Kasumi, trapping Asuka between her and the buoy. This incident caused Asuka to sustain heavy damage on her arms, as she wasn't able to raise it, and she wasn't able to practice for a week subsequently. After this event, Rika vowed to beat her at the fall tournament.(Despite her actions, she wasn't banned from the tournament because of the "lack of witnesses" about the event, and Kasumi's good acting skills)

[See Rika's training against Kasumi, and Rika's realization about Kasumi being her childhood friend at Rika's plot -to be added-]

During the fall tournament, Rika vowed to herself that she will change Kasumi's play style and help her have fun while playing FC. Eventually Rika and Kasumi were put together in the same bracket so they got a match. In their match, Kasumi's dirty attacks did not work on Rika because of the training Rika and Masaya did. During this match, Rika reminded Kasumi of their fun childhood days playing FC, and Kasumi finally gave in at the final minutes of the match, and Rika won buy a huge margin. After their match, Kasumi now genuinely apologized to Rika, Masaya, Reiko, and Asuka for everything that she did.

Rika's Route -Epilogue:

A few months after the fall tournament, Kasumi had a drastic change on her appearance and attitude(good posture, hair not loose anymore, gave up her dirty play style, much more sociable and confident). It turns out that their coach called the shots about them having to do dirty play styles so Aoi dealt with it through her connections and got the coach fired.

Other Routes:

Kasumi was pretty much insignificant and was not mentioned besides from the common route and Rika's route.


Asuka Kurashina

Asuka was Kasumi's opponent at the Summer Festival. When Asuka won Kasumi wondered how Asuka can keep having fun in such a serious tournament.

In the visual novel, during Rika's route, Kasumi intentionally injured Asuka's hands by doing a pincer in a practice match on Takafuji beach, rendering her unable to practice FC. Despite this, Asuka did not hold a grudge nor seem scared of Kasumi.

Rika Ichinose

When they were kids, Kasumi a.k.a "Sacchan" is the one who taught Rika how to fly. However, Rika and Kasumi got separated when Rika and her family left. Kasumi's current playstyle is the result of her trauma in the past (Kasumi taught Rika FC, but Rika was already better than her so she felt jealous).


  • Kasumi is the only known user to utilize the pincer attacks
  • Kasumi provokes enemies by initiating conversation with them during a match


  • The name Kasumi means "mist" (霞).
  • Kasumi's surname Kurobuchi means "black" (黒) (kuro) and "edge" (渕) (fuchi/buchi).


  • Kasumi is said to be a shark-eater.
  • In the visual novel, Kasumi's grav-shoes voice activation is "It's over/It's the end" or Kanji: "終わりだ" Romaji: "Owari da
  • Kasumi's grav-shoes model is the Invade Caduceus



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