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Because the fear of losing something show that you enjoy it.

—Kazunari Shindo

Kazunari Shindo



Kanji 真藤 一成
Romaji Shindo Kazunari
Gender Male
Age 17-18
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Purple
School Takafuij Academy
Occupation High School Student (Third year)
Flying Circus Profile
Sky Walker All-rounder
Personal Status
Status Active
Voice actor/actress
Japanese Kazuyuki Okitsu (PSV game, anime, as Umesaki Charlie in the PC game)
English Shawn Gann
Media Debut
Anime Episode 3 - I Just Got a Little Fired Up
Kazunari Shindo (真藤 一成 Shindo Kazunari?) Dubbed the 'King of Flying Circus', Shindo is a side character in the Aokana series. The captain of Takafuji FC club, a genius of FC and two-time champion of the FC tournament that Masaya and his teammates aim to win. He is a person who is said to be someone who paints his competitive soul with a gentle expression.


Shindo is a handsome boy with short, straight purple hair. He has also has violet eyes in a shade similar to his hair. Shindo is usually seen with a normal Takafuji school uniform.

In his Flying Suit, Shindo wears a suit that covers his entire body expect his shoulders. The suit is purple but it is black at various areas; on the collar, on his chest, stomach and legs. He also wears Purple gloves and Purple competitive grav-shoes.


A deceptive and manipulative person, he is levelheaded and friendly, but that persona will change to his more serious and true personality when he dubs an FC opponent worthy and a challenge.


He originally went into FC because of his respect for Masaya. His wish had been to beat him in a FC battle.


Shindo was invited to a pro FC training camp when Kunahama Academy FC club became mobilized again. The night he returned, he saw Masaya. He was asking how Masaya was doing and how the training was. Then Shindo told him his dream of having a match with him and asked if Masaya will be playing against Shindo for fun, but Masaya refused because he had already quit FC.


Asuka Kurashina

It was seen in the anime that Shindo is very interested in Asuka. He feels the need to play seriously against her and enjoys watching her matches. He also was very disappointed that he couldn't play against Asuka in the training match.

Masaya Hinata

It was said in the anime that Shindo really admired Masaya when he still played FC, he wanted to play a match against Masaya. It was also because of Masaya that Shindo started FC.

Misaki Tobisawa

It was seen in the anime that those two are good friends and that Misaki has called him to help them prepare for the Fall Tournament.

Reiko Satoin

Satoin is the vice-president of the Takafuji Academy, and Shindo sometimes call her Satou-kun to tease her. Reiko also really admired Shindo. In the match against Asuka, she helped him get serious to win the match.

Rika Ichinose

They are on good terms and Rika respects him. Shindo expects a lot from Rika.

Aoi Kagami

Shindo holds high respect and admires Kagami Aoi because she was a famous Flying Circus player.


  • He helped Masaya Hinata's FC team practice for the all Japan Flying Circus Fall Tournament.
  • Shindo always covers his serious personality with a gentle expression.
  • In Visual Novel, his admiration for Masaya, Aoi, and Hayato is so deep that he considered them as a god.



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