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I really respect Misaki-senpai!

—Mashiro Arisaka

Mashiro Arisaka



Kanji 有坂 真白
Romaji Arisaka Mashiro
Gender Female
Age 15-16
Birthday February 14
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Blonde
Height 148cm
Weight 42kg
Hobbies Games
Favorite Food Corn, whipped cream
Residence Old town district (noodle shop: Mashiro Udon)
School Kunahama Academy
Occupation High School Student (First year)
Flying Circus Profile
Sky Walker Speeder
Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Botan Arisaka (Mother)
Voice actor/actress
Japanese Nozomi Yamamoto (PSV game, anime, as Mito Sera in the PC game)
English Natalie Hoover
Media Debut
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1

Mashiro Arisaka (有坂 真白 Arisaka Mashiro?) is one of the main heroines of the Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm visual novel game and one of the main characters of the anime series. She is an first-year student at Kunahama Academy who admires Misaki greatly.


Mashiro is a young teenage girl below average height and weight, and is described to be tiny by her peers. She has long, straight blonde hair which reaches down to her waist, which is usually tied to twintails, and she has light purple eyes. Mashiro is usually seen with a normal Kunahama school uniform for first-year students, which consist of a black short sleeved shirt, a sailor-like blue collar and a yellow ribbon hanging from it, with ''Furry balls'' hanging from the ribbon, and a navy blue-colored skirt which her shirt tucks into. She also wears black stockings and black general Grav-shoes.

In her Flying Suit, Mashiro wears a a white suit that exposes her thiges, and there are also a yellow collar and a yellow ribbon hanging from it. There are also the color yellow on various places on the suit, including her chest, stomach, gloves and legs. She then wears white pants, or leggings.

Otherwise, Mashiro is seen with casual clothes, usually a small short-sleeved white shirt, and a pink cardigan over it.


She is a cute, cheerful and lively underclassman-- she honestly expresses what she feels. She is also earnest, and also strongly opinionated. At times though, she can be childish and tends to do child-like facial expressions. Mashiro is also an otaku and a gamer and is very reserved about what she feels.



You see Mashiro for the first time when Misaki Tobisawa class has ended she ran toward Misaki because she missed her, when she suggested to eat Udon, but Misaki says that she can't because she has to help Asuka Kurashina. Mashiro was first mad but then said she was going with them.


Misaki Tobisawa

Misaki is Mashiro's senpai, meaning ''Upperclassman''. Mashiro deeply cares, loves and respects Misaki to the point that she follows her almost everywhere; Mashiro even considered becoming a Fighter because Misaki was one. Mashiro can also get a little jealous sometimes when others become ''too'' close or friendly with her. Mashiro also usually takes care of Misaki in the mornings when she is sleepy. Mashiro also often asks Misaki is she wants to go home with her, and Misaki also likes Mashiro's Udon shop. Misaki isn't as devoted as Mashiro, but they are on good terms and share a close bond. At first she wanted be nothing more then Misaki, but that changed when she meeted Rika she changed.

Masaya Hinata

Mashiro is a little cautious of Masaya, but Masaya himself takes care of her. He is also the one who changed her Grav Shoes from fighter to speeder. Mashiro also gets a little mad at him when he is looking too long at Misaki.

Asuka Kurashina

Not much known about their relationship, but Asuka thinks that Mashiro is cute and Mashiro sees her as just a air-headed girl. When Mashiro first saw Asuka she didn't really like her, but futher in the anime she liked Asuka more.

Rika Ichinose

At first there weren't a interaction between the two, but Rika provided precisely what Mashiro needed to complete her training – a hands on, side by side instruction in the basics of the game, but also in flight, and Rika also convinced Mashiro to become a speeder like herself. They later become fast friends, spending time with each other and they once were went to Mashiro's place, and they formed a first-year alliance.

Botan Arisaka

Botan is Mashiro's mother. Mashiro loves her mother very much and they share a loving parent-child relationship. But sometimes her mother irritate her, when she is complimenting her.

Arika Okoze

Arika and Mashiro knows eacht other since they where little kids. Arika started FC when she heared that Mashiro started FC. She hoped that she and Mashiro make it to the finals and compete to each other.


Mashiro is a speeder-type, so she is very fast and she specializes in high speed movement.


  • Her eyesight is quite bad due her playing numerous of games.
  • The only thing she adores more than games is Misaki Tobisawa.
  • In episodes 1-3, Mashiro wanted to do nothing less than be like Misaki.
  • Also in episodes 1-3, Mashiro wanted to be a fighter like Misaki, but after Rika pointed out the advantage of being small, she became a speeder-type.
  • Mashiro's competitive grav-shoes type is the Small Grove Siamese.
  • Mashiro's measurements are B77/W52/H78



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