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Minori Hosaka



Kanji 保坂 実里
Romaji Hosaka Minori
Gender Female
Age 15-16
Eye Color Aqua
Hair Color Orange
Residence Four Islands Archipelago
School Kunahama Academy
Occupation High School Student (First year)
Flying Circus Profile
Personal Status
Status Active
Voice actor/actress
Japanese Yūko Gibu (PSV game, anime, as Hozumi Momoi in the PC game)
English Felecia Angelle
Media Debut
Anime Episode 4

Minori Hosaka (保坂 実里 Hosaka Minori?) is a female supporting character of Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm series. She is a first-year student of Kunahama Academy, and Mashiro's classmate.


Minori takes the form of a teenage girl with a Ponytail with orange hair and big Aqua eyes. She also wears her required school uniform and she always has a mic with her.


Minori is a cheerfull charcater who likes too talk. She is also always doing the commentary of a FC match.


Minori was helping Mashiro with her make-up class, in exchange she got to observe the FC club with their training. When she was at the training she asked Masaya what they were doing and he said it was for getting better at dog fight.

The day of te summer tournament, Minori run towards Mashiro and Misaki. Mashiro then asked what Minroi is doing and she said she is doing the commentary of the matches, and said it will be airing live, Mashiro and Misaki were shocked when they heared it airing live but, Minori said then it is going to air on shito channel. The two of them were disapointed.

Minori was also commetating the match against Saki Inui and Asuka Kurashina, even that is not a officiel match. Minori was also shocked when she saw Asuka falling in the oceaan.

The day of the Fall tournament, Minori was commetating the match against Mashiro Arisaka vs Rika Ichinose. When there match ended you didn't see her until the final match agains Asuka Kurashina vs Saki Inui. During the match, hen Asuka and Saki made a ball in the sky, she said the sight was too great for words.


Mashiro Arisaka

Mashiro and Minori are in the same class and also best friends. Minori also helped Mashiro when she had to do make up classes in exchange she got to observe the FC club.


  • She is a member of the Kunahama newspaper club.



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