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No one can beat the vice captain of the Flying Circus team!

—Reiko Satoin

Reiko Satoin



Kanji 佐藤院 麗子
Romaji Satoin Reiko
Gender Female
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Residence Four Islands Archipelago
School Takafuji School Fukuru Island Branch
Occupation High School Student (second year)
Flying Circus Profile
Sky Walker All-rounder
Personal Status
Status Active
Voice actor/actress
Japanese Ryōko Ono (PSV game, as Rikka Kitami in the PC game)
Risa Taneda (anime)
English Tia Ballard
Media Debut
Anime Episode 1

Reiko Satoin (佐藤院 麗子 Satōin Reiko?), real name Reiko Sato (佐藤 麗子 Satō Reiko?), is a supporting character. She is student who attends Takafuji Academy and she is the vice captain of the Flying Circus team.


Reiko is a young teenage girl with wavy waist-length dirty blonde hair that is tied in pig-tails by big black ribbons on each side with bangs swept to the left side and hazel-colored eyes.

Reiko is usually seen with a normal Takafuji uniform, which consists of a light pink shirt with a brown collar and a wing-shaped ribbon hanging from it, a brown skirt, black stockings that covers her entire legs and brown general-grav shoes.

In her Flying Suit, Satoin wears a suit that covers her entire body expect her shoulders. The suite is yellow but it is dark yellow at various areas; on the collar, on her chest, stomach and legs. She also wears yellow gloves and yellow competitive grav-shoes.


Reiko is an self-proclaimed "ojou-sama" who is fixated on ruining the reputations of different academies for some unknown reasons. She has self-confidence, and is shown to have a lot of pride and a bit of chuuni in her. She is also a very popular person despite her dominant laughter and mannerism. However, she has a fun character and she's always there to raise everyone’s mood during tournaments, but she also has her own serious moments.


Reiko defeated Shion Aoyagi in a match and laughed because she won.


Rika Ichinose

Rika and Reiko attend the same school, so Rika respects her, and Reiko sees her as a cute junior.

Kazunari Shindo

They attend the same school. Shindo likes teasing her by calling her by her real name. It was also thank to Reiko that Shindo defeated Asuka in the summer tournament.

Asuka Kurashina

Asuka versed Reiko after hearing about flying circus and beats her by using an air kick turn. Reiko is competitive towards Asuka and was dumbfounded when she saw how Asuka was able to control her grav shoes despite the fact that the balancer was turned off. She also helped Asuka train for the fall tournament.

In the visual novel, during Misaki's route, Asuka even out an FC training match with her by copying Saki's Birdcage, despite the 4 point lead Reiko had. After the match, Reiko was clearly frustrated at either the match, at Asuka or both, but quickly got over it.


  • The name Reiko means "beautiful, lovely" (麗) (rei) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Reiko's surname Satoin means "help, aid" (佐) (sa), "wisteria" (藤) (to) and "hospital" (院) (in).


  • Reiko added the -in to her last name herself.
    • Her last name can actually be referred to as Satouin, as well.
      • In the visual novel, she once considered adding "in" to Rika Ichinose's last name if she beats Kasumi Kurobuchi in the tournament.
        • She also considered giving it to Masaya for motivating the Takafuji students to practice FC after the Kasumi incident.



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