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I will be putting a perfect display for our FC

—Saki Inui against Irina

Saki Inui


Saki (2)

Kanji 咲乾
Romaji Inui Saki
Gender Female
Age 16-17
Birthday June 18
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Platinum
Height 160cm
Weight 49kg
Residence Four Islands Archipelago
School Kairyou Academy
Occupation High School Student (second year)
Flying Circus Profile
Sky Walker Speeder
Personal Status
Status Active
Voice actor/actress
Japanese Natsumi Takamori (PSV game, anime, as Yūka Kotorii in the PC game)
English Amanda Lee
Media Debut
Anime Episode 4

Saki Inui (咲乾 Inui Saki?) is a female supporting character of Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm. She is currently the all-Japan Flying Circus Summer Tournament champion.


Saki takes the form of a teenage girl with short, platinum hair and big green eyes. She also wears her required school uniform. When she is not wearing her school uniform, she is wearing a black top with black short pants.

In her Flying Suit, Saki wears a suit that covers her entire body except her shoulders. The suit is black but it is light green at various areas; on the collar, on her chest, stomach and legs. She also wears black gloves and black/green competitive grav-shoes.


Saki is showed to be a calm and collected girl, that shows almost no emotion except for the hint of determination when she competes. Although when competing, her calm demeanor is still intact. Saki is also smart when it comes to matches, especially when she faces against Shindo, as she "dominates" the opponent. She is also seen to be very obedient towards Irina, following her orders directly. However, that started to change when Misaki and Asuka played against her, with the two forcing her to show her true side.



She started FC because she was inspired by Aoi Kagami and worked together with Irina Avalon. She has met Irina when she was younger.


Saki was flying home, but when she heard a scream from a girl she saw that her phone fell. Saki went over and picked up her cell phone for her.

At the summer tournament her first opponent was Shion Aoyagi, before the match started her second walked towards Masaya Hinata and asked him to go easy on Saki because it was her first match in Japan. When the match started Saki overwhelmed Shion with 20 - 1, Saki advanced to the next round.


Irina Avalon

Irina and Saki are always together, and she is Saki's second. They met when they were little and trained together in order to show the world their "beautiful" FC ("true FC", in the visual novel). Irina and Saki are great friends and Saki also has a picture of all her friends on her cat hair tie at the end.

Aoi Kagami

Saki and Irina had begun playing FC after seeing Aoi Kagami's "beautiful" Angelic Halo.

Asuka Kurashina

Thanks to Asuka, she managed to change her flying style, and get to known how to enjoy Flying Circus.


  • She is the only user of birdcage in the tournaments
  • She excels in dogfights despite being a speeder
  • In the visual novel, during Asuka's route, she can handle a 3v1 against pro players from different countries
  • In the visual novel, during Asuka's route, she excels well with the traditional way of playing FC even without her birdcage technique as shown with her match with Asuka in the finals of the fall tournament


  • Before the Fall tournament she always listen to what Irina ordered.
  • In the visual novel, Saki and Irina worked on a lot of FC theories since their childhood to achieve their "true FC".
  • She and Irina created the birdcage FC technique.
    • In the visual novel, this technique focuses on chasing opponents, and having higher elevation than them.
    • Birdcage is especially useful in a dogfight since their opponent has to chase them from a higher elevation. From that point forward, Saki steadily decreases altitude, forcing her opponent to the sea/ocean. The opponent is then forced to jump to the next buoy as he would be in a huge disadvantage.
  • In the visual novel, her Grav Shoes is the Agravain with two phases.
  • In the visual novel, their goal was to show and achieve "True FC", while in the anime, it was "Beautiful FC"
    • The visual novel's "True FC" was left ambiguous
      • During Saki's first match in the summer tournament, Irina told Masaya that they will show him "True FC", but Masaya was confused since Saki only did Speeder techniques, with Masaya saying that this was only of the many ways to play FC, not the "True FC"
      • During Saki's match against Shindo in the summer tournament, Masaya did not see the birdcage technique as a "True FC" since it was not "fun"
      • Near the end of Asuka's route, despite Saki and Irina losing to Masaya and Asuka's "Fun FC", Irina said that she will still show Masaya their "True FC" in the near future
Saki and Irina

Saki and Irina working on FC theories



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