In the world of Flying Circus, Skywalkers are expected to utilize special techniques to either gain a speed or point advantage.

Basic Techniques

Techniques that fall under here are normally used to gain an advantage in either speed or height, to allow for easier scoring. Most of these techniques are common basics that every Skywalker should know.



Scissors is a technique that involves zig-zagging towards/around the blocking opponent to confuse them. This is a technique most commonly employed by Speeders. This technique made its first appearance in Episode 3.

High Yo-Yo

A High Yo-Yo is a technique that involves the Skywalker ascending to build up speed and quickly descend behind the opponent. This technique is commonly used by Fighters. This technique made its first appearance in Episode 3.

Low Yo-Yo


A Low Yo-Yo is a technique that involves the Skywalker using gravity to slowly descend and ascend halfway to gain speed. This is especially useful for Skywalkers to prevent themselves from being touched in the back by their opponents.

Special Techniques

Techniques that fall under here are special techniques utilized by more experienced Skywalkers.

Airkick Turn

Screenshot (1458)

Asuka Kurashina (left) performs an Airkick Turn in a match against Reiko Satoin (right) in Episode 1 of the anime.

An Airkick Turn is a special technique that involves the Skywalker to propel themselves from mid-air, controlling the membrane of particles to boost themselves to the opponent or back to the field. This is difficult move to pull off as it requires precise control of the membranes.


A Cobra requires the Skywalker to be at almost "ground" level, which then they strike upwards like a "a cobra striking its prey". According to Masaya, this is a technique which only the best of the professionals use, and is highly unlikely to be used in amateur student tournaments. This technique was first used by Kazunari Shindo in episode 6.


While not a traditional technique, a Suicida involves any technique used to force the opponent into the water. Like the Cobra, it's a professional-level technique not likely to be used by amateur Skywalkers. It was first used by Kazunari Shindo in episode 6.


Delta Force is a technique that involves flying in a triangular shape to confuse and entrap the opponent, followed by a sudden lunge towards the opponent's back. This technique is often utilized by Fighters. A more advanced version of this technique which involves flying in a five-star shape instead is known as a Pentagram Force.

Blaster Roll

A Blaster Roll is an evasive counter technique used to escape offensive attacks from the back. Skywalkers must in in a position where their opponent is flying behind and parallel to them. When the opponent attempts to attack, the Skywalker shifts to the side quickly to move behind their opponent.

Angelic Halo

An Angelic Halo is a technique where a Skywalker flies at an ultra-high speed and creates an inescapable ring around the opponent to immobilize them. It was created by Aoi Kagami and considered to be so advanced that no one other than her has been able to pull it off. After her first usage of the technique, it was later considered controversial as it spurred discussions on whenever it was a true act of skill displayed in Flying Circus.

In the visual novel, Angelic Halo is a technique used generally used at the last minutes of the match especially when the user (Aoi) is already in scores to prevent her opponent from scoring. It was discussed that Aoi can do this technique for only 2 minutes straight, once per match, because of the high amounts of stamina this technique requires.

Since then, the technique has spanned several spin-offs and variations used by Saki Inui, Asuka Kurashina, Misaki Tobisawa, and Masaya Hinata (Shindo Kazunari in the visual novel, can use the Angelic Halo for 2 seconds) .

Sonic Boost

By manipulating the membrane in a way, a Skywalker can use a Sonic Boost to gain an immense speed boost.

In the visual novel, this move was unnamed and only Masaya, Asuka, and Aoi were shown to use this technique.


A Birdcage is a special technique used only by Saki Inui. By switching her balancers off on her Grav Shoes, she is able to execute the more advanced Birdcage Mk. II. In the visual novel, Asuka was able to mimic the Birdcage when she had a practice match against Reiko during Misaki's route

In the visual novel, Birdcage is a technique invented and developed by Saki Inui and Irina Avalon. Birdcage is a technique that uses elevation that is particularly useful against dogfights. After Saki gains altitude, her opponent is forced into a dogfight where she lowers her altitude and forces them to the sea/ocean, having her opponent jump to the next buoy to intercept her. If her opponent does not engage her in a dogfight, she will use the momentum from her altitude to reach the next buoy, successfully outpacing her opponent and gaining a point.

Birdcage Mk. II, has a similar concept with Birdcage with the difference that after Saki gains altitude, she initiates the dogfight this time and she follows her opponent's every moment, immobilizing them (similar to Angelic Halo). Birdcage Mk. II also does not require Saki's Grav Shoes' balancers to be turned off or have her Agravain go to phase 2.

Saki's shoes, Agravain has 2 phases. Phase 1 would have the default configurations, while phase 2 adjusts the Grav Shoes' balancers to have a speed boost (not completely turned off, like in the anime). During Asuka's route, this was first shown to Aoi (1 day before the fall tournament), who thought that Asuka would definitely lose the fall tournament. Aoi's solution was to turn off Asuka's Grav Shoes to mimic or copy the effects of Agravain Phase 2. However, Aoi did not directly provided the solution to Masaya and Asuka, and only gave them clues as turning off the balancers mid-tournament is risky. In the end, Masaya was able to figure out the clue thanks to the help of his FC club.

At the end of Asuka's route, turning off a Grav Shoes' balancers provided better effects than the Agravain phase 2, as shown after Asuka won against Saki during the final match of the fall tournament. From that point forward, turning off the balancers have been the norm/meta in FC.

Super Package Mold (SuMo) - Visual Novel, Misaki's route

This technique was invented and developed by Masaya, Misaki, Shion, Hayato, and Fukumen Sensyu. This technique was accidentally discovered when Shion incorrectly drew Misaki in a whiteboard having a form doing an inverted flight. SuMo was designed to counter Saki's Birdcage, that specifically focused on elevation advantage.

Birdcage's strength lies in the fact that Saki can clearly see her opponent below, while the opponent from below would have to rely on her second to identify Saki's location. Using SuMo counters the Birdcage since a SuMo user (Misaki) can now clearly see Saki's movement because of the inverted flight, forcing Misaki to look towards the sky (above) instead of forwards or towards the ocean/sea(below).

The weakness of SuMo is the heavier gravity felt by the user because of the inverted flying. Misaki was able to utilize the move because of her extreme proficiency in dogfighting. SuMo, together with Misaki's skill, and the basic techniques appended, made Misaki won against Saki in the first round of the fall tournament.


  • Masaya created and named Pentagram Force, because of this, Mashiro and Misaki teased Masaya's technique naming as edgy.
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