Hello, Shado here, and I'm here to show you contributors how to add colors into texts. Before we start off, please do not take advantage of color codes by spamming them on pages. I made this for the common use of newer users, and for profile page use. Note: The color syntax coding is universal and can be used on any branch of the wikia.

How to use Hex Codes
One of the more common colors I use on this wikia is flamingo pink which has the code of #FF1493. The (#) sign followed by a 6 character code resembles a different color. Although not all combinations make a possible color. There is a list of colors on the Community Central Wikia, but I will provide colors that match the theme of this wikia, although it is not completely limited to these colors. The color list will be updated every so often. This is another color that I tend to use on the wikia. This color follows the hex code of #87ceeb. Note that the hex codes don't have to be capitalized for it to work. I will now move on to explaining the source coding.

Source Coding
Okay, so the source coding for colors is provided below:
<span style="color:(insert hex or color name here)">(insert text here)</span>

Color names can be "skyblue" and the hex for that is #87ceeb.
Common Codes:
  • Flamingo Pink - flamingopink' - #ff1493
  • Sky Blue - skyblue - #87ceeb